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WHO – You! Everyone needs a Will even if your estate is small. While most of us hope to live a long time, bad things can happen at an early age so the young, old, and everyone in between should have a valid Will

WHAT – Your Last Will & Testament – your final say. A Will is a statement of your wishes after death including who will handle your estate (the Executor), who will inherit your estate (the beneficiaries) and who will look after your minor children (the Guardian). Unless a Will is made stating your wishes, the government will make these vital decisions for you.

WHERE – At Notaries on Douglas! Yes, a BC Notary can prepare your Will for you. In most cases you do not need to consult a lawyer*. We are located across from the Times Colonist and have flexible hours. Call 250-382-8880 to make the initial appointment. Our will prices are surprisingly affordable.

WHEN – Now! Hopefully your Will won’t be needed for a long time but now is the time to stop putting it off and have your Will done. A Will is somewhat of a moving target and can be changed at any time, usually at a reduced cost. In some cases only one Will is all that will be necessary during your lifetime.

WHY – Choice, peace of mind, fewer problems, less stress and cost for your family and less cost to administer your estate. Without a Will the Government dictates who gets your estate and who cares for your children. This is your only valid way of stating what your wishes are upon your death

 HOW – Two appointments are necessary for having your Will done at Notaries on Douglas. The first appointment is an interview with the Notary to gather information and take instructions. The second is to come back to read/review your Will and to sign it. We provide the witnesses and can make as many copies as you would like.

*There are some circumstances where you may need a lawyer to draw your will. This includes a more specialized trust will holding an estate in trust for a beneficiary past age 19.