From time to time we will add articles created especially for you by Notaries on Douglas to help you gain greater insight and understanding about the services of a Notary as well as reasons why you should consider using a Notary Public. To save the article, right click and “save as”.

What a Notary Can Do For You

Historically, Notaries Public were the principal agents, scriveners, and scribes for commercial and judicial law. Currently, Notaries in BC, are legal professionals providing an alternative to lawyers, practicing within clearly delineated areas of law.

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Wills Bring Choice and Bring Peace of Mind

A well drafted and unambiguous will makes life easier for those left behind. The existence of a will leaves less room for fighting and bad feelings and can save considerable expense.

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FAQ's When Making a Will

How much does it cost? What do I need to bring and think about for the first appointment? Most people in BC only require a very straight forward Will which we are able to do for you quickly and at a reasonable cost. Most of what we ask you will know without bringing extra paperwork.

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The 5 “W’s” of Making a Will

Everyone needs a Will even if your estate is small. While most of us hope to live a long time, bad things can happen at an early age so the young, old, and everyone in between should have a valid Will. BC Notaries can prepare your Will for you. In most cases you do not need to consult a lawyer.

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Personal Planning Tools - Adult Guardianship

Now is the time to discuss these matters when everyone can speak together in a relaxed and comfortable setting and not in a hospital room when the Adult’s wishes aren’t known or the course of action chosen may not have been the Adult’s wishes.

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Top 10 Excuses For Not Making A Will

I’ve heard many many sad stories of hurt and betrayal that could have been avoided, even with a simple will. I’ve also heard all of the excuses about why someone hasn’t done their will. Here’s a top ten list of excuses and my reasons why these excuses don’t measure up.

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What About The Animals?

A properly drawn will providing for the pets, coupled with arrangements made with friends or family or, the BC SPCA Pet Survivor Care Program will provide one less thing to worry about.

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Make it a Priority to have your Will done

BC Notaries draw up a majority of wills in the province and do so at a reasonable cost. We look forward to helping you with this incredibly important document.