Frequently asked questions regarding Wills

How much does it cost?

Starting At* For One For Two
Last Will & Testament $450.00 $650.00
Power of Attorney $325.00 $400.00
Representation Agreement $250.00 $300.00
Packages Starting At*
Will & POA $725.00 $1000.00
Will, POA, & Rep Agreement $925.00 $1250.00

*Prices dependent upon complexity of the estate. Price will be confirmed at first appointment.

Free Estate Planning binder with each will done! (while supplies last)

Note: a $150 deposit will be due and payable at the 1st appointment. The balance will be due and payable upon signing at the 2nd appointment. Forms of accepted payment are cheque, cash, & debit. These prices do not include GST/PST or the filing of a wills notice ($17.00), or land title searches ($11.68). These prices are subject to change at any time


What to Consider for Typical Reciprocal Wills for Spouses

  • Executor(s)/Trustee(s) if both spouses have passed away;
  • Guardian(s) for minor children if both parents have passed away;
  • Beneficiary(ies) if both spouses and the children have passed away (“common disaster”).


How and When to pay for your Will(s)

  • At the first appointment you will be required to pay $150 plus taxes, which covers the cost of the first appointment and is therefore non-refundable. Upon your return to sign, this amount is applied towards our account.
  • Our account is due and payable when you come back for the second visit to sign your will.
  • We accept debit, cash or cheque for payment. (No credit cards are accepted.)


How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

  • Know the full legal names of children, parents and siblings (those in your family tree)
  • Know your assets:
    • Create a list of your assets
    • Whose name are the assets held in?
    • Are there any stated beneficiaries for life insurance? RRSPs? RIFs? Etc.?
    • Do you own any property? We will do a title search! Bring your property address.
  • Bring copies of your previous Will or Power of Attorney
  • Bring a list of beneficiaries.
    • Are you donating to charity? Please have their full legal name, address and charitable registration #
  • Bring your Identification. 2 pieces of ID are required.
  • Bring a deposit of $150.00 + tax. We take debit, cash, or cheque.


What do I need to Think About for the first Appointment?

  • Who will be your Executor and alternate Executor.
  • Who will be your beneficiary or beneficiaries (and alternates if any of them predecease you).
  • Who will be Guardian of your children while they are under the age of 19. ✔ Who will inherit your estate in the event of a family tragedy (that is, you, your spouse and your children all die in a common disaster).
  • If you wish to do a specific list of items to give away – written memorandum. ✔ Where you intend to keep your original will (safety deposit box, at home).


 Can’t I just Prepare my own Will with a Will Kit?

  • Yes, but the problem is you may be missing out on valuable estate planning information that may affect how your will should be prepared.
  • If you prepare your own will you must ensure that it is signed properly in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia or it will be invalid and therefore completely useless. We do not witness wills that we don’t prepare.
  • Many self-made wills do not include or give away all the assets leaving a partial intestacy (that the Government will therefore dictate).
  • For the cost of our straightforward wills, it’s worth the money for us to do it for you and bring you peace of mind knowing that it has been done properly.


 When/Why Should I have a Lawyer prepare my Will?

  • If you have very young children and a sizeable estate, you may wish to set up a more specialized trust will with a lawyer that would hold your estate in trust until the children are much older than age 19. With the Wills we prepare, the estate will be held in trust by your Executor/Trustee until your children, or the youngest of them, turn 19.
  • If you have a beneficiary who receives government assistance for certain disabilities you should have a specialized trust will done so that any inheritance does not interfere with the government assistance.
  • If you have a beneficiary that would not be able to handle a sizeable estate due to an addiction or due to undue influences, then a carefully drafted trust will should be drawn.
  • If you have substantial and complicated assets.


Most people in BC do not require these types of specialized wills. BC Notaries draw up a majority of wills in the province and do so at a reasonable cost.
We look forward to helping you with this incredibly important document.


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